Designing a Better Chicago

  An Annual

of Design + Impact

Designing a Better Chicago shines a light on our city’s extraordinary design legacy—the local talent, assets and community that have long supported civic good through design.

Launched in 2020 with a Design Impact Grant program, the new initiative showcases individuals and organizations, public art and programs across the city, inviting residents and visitors to consider the many ways design improves civic life.

Design for Impact

Who are the innovators and visionaries helping to design a better Chicago? Our annual grant program awards up to $50K to local leaders using design to make a difference.

Meet the Grantees

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  • Maya Bird-Murphy Chicago Mobile Makers
  • Mejay Gula site design group
  • Sarah Haque The Spur Group
  • Wendy Manning Design Museum of Chicago
  • Nathan Mason DCASE
  • Will Miller Firebelly Design
  • Jonathan Solomon Preservation Futures
  • Emily Winter The Weaving Mill